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We are a leading business process outsourcing firm who can serve clients on a global scale. We offer creative and innovative solutions to our partners to help them improve their businesses. We are the future of outsourcing.

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Our Services

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

    We can assist you mixed of banking financial products and other financial services including insurances. Our expertise in core banking assistance, retail, private, corporate, investment, credit cards, payment gateways, insurance covers for example life insurance & general insurance.

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  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Whether it's Accounts Payables or Receivables, our robust process in handling these tasks will enhance your business. We use our years of industry experience to grow your business further through our BPO and technology expertise. We employ a streamlined and collaboration-enhancing approach to deliver effective and transformative results.

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  • IT Solutions

    From web development to virtual assistants to help desks and social media, we can help your business take advantage of the digital age. With the help of our creative and skilled team, you can rest assured that we'll handle all of this professionally and efficiently.

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  • Procurement & Supply Chain Solutions

    Our high levels of expertise in supply chain management will heighten our ability to elevate your business model in all functions of procurement. We aim to assist you in your plans, implementation and in controlling and maintaining an efficient and effective forward and reverse flow. Moreover, also included are aids for goods storage, services and extraneous related information exchanges between points of origin and consumption in order to concisely meet the requirements of your customers.

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  • HR Solutions

    Benefitting your business further - hiring, motivation and maintaining the workforce are dealt with by our Human Resource Management staff’s skills and expertise. Further assisting your organisation, Our HR staff specialises in employee related scenarios such as the hiring, training, development of potential and current employees.. We also administer and deal with grievance, motivation, communication and administration related exchanges.

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  • Customer Care Services (Call Centre)

    Customer service is always vital in any business. Outsourcing your company's support service to us negates the need for expensive in-house solutions. We'll allow you to focus on your core competencies and enhance your team's productivity and collaboration. Renaissance Solutions can cater to the calls of customers based in different countries. Our expert team have access to strong communication skills along with sound infrastructure and technical expertise. Our call centre agents can handle incoming and outgoing customer calls for any business. Our agents can professionally handle account enquiries, customer complaints and support issues.

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  • Marketing

    Our marketing expertise enables us to assist in an impressive range of your business activities. These include aiding in the processes for creating, communicating and delivering varying exchanges that are of a high value to your current and potential customers, clients, partners and society at large. Our expert marketing staff will enhance your business by effectively connecting and introducing people to your products, services and your brand as a whole. We fundamentally believe that the core essence of effective marketing is knowledge of the market, creating the right product and hence creating desire for that product, whilst also letting the appropriate target market have knowledge of this.

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  • Personal Staff For Senior Management

    Renaissance Solutions’s admin/personal staff support services for senior management can assist organizations throughout the world. We stand out from the competition in our industry through our recruitment strategy and dedicated 24/7/365 support.

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  • Mortgage

    With the advanced knowledge of our financial experts, we can assist lenders in choosing the right products when entering into an agreement for borrowers. Our financial experts can support your financial / banking mortgage business in every way. This extends from first time buyers to remortgaging and even secured lending.

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  • Legal Process Outsourcing

    Our LPO experts can assist your legal firm with corporate affairs, litigation support, contract management, compliance assistance, contract drafting, review and management services & Patent support also with injury claims handling. Whatever your objectives and your client situation is we are ready to assist your legal experts in any way. We will take all the administrative burden away so they can focus on their core objectives.

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  • Healthcare

    Renaissance solutions understands that your licensed and trained health care professionals are busy with maintaining and restoring physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of their patients. We are aware of how important it is for your trained health professionals to deliver good health care that minimize risks and harm to service users. This includes avoiding preventable injuries and reducing medical errors. Therefore we are ready to assist your health care professionals in all administrative functions so they can only focus on their core objectives.

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